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Sense Worldwide webinar coming soon

Breakthrough innovation needs people who see things differently and think differently. Our webinars focus on the practical application of best practices to deliver innovation.

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Creativity is your competitive advantage: Why Creative Intelligence is a 21st Century survival skill

Hosted at the Innov8rs Summer School, this learning lab helps corporate innovators learn new approaches, solve challenges, and improve outcomes.

Exercise your Creative Intelligence to make yourself a more effective innovator. 

2023 InnoLead Master Class

How to increase your delivery of breakthrough results by 65% using cognitive diversity

Co-hosted with Microsoft, this InnoLead master class, helps corporate changemakers deliver business value.

Learn about cognitive diversity, how Microsoft is optimizing the world's largest private hackathon, and how to increase your organization's results. 

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Creative Intelligence: Creativity is the new productivity

Creative Intelligence is your competitive advantage. It is a uniquely human skill; a mindset, not a methodology. The ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination.

Come away understanding the five guiding principles of Creative Intelligence.

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Logic and Magic: Prioritising your innovation pipeline

An innovation is not an innovation until someone buys it. This masterclass blends brutal commercial rigour with the creative act of innovation to build future-proof pipelines.

Walk away with five practical things you can do to prioritize your innovation pipeline, today.

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How leading brands use Cognitive Diversity

In association with Innov8rs, we hosted a breakout session at the 2022 summit.

Come away understanding how Cognitive Diversity is the missing ingredient in your innovation mix.

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Five principles for harnessing Cognitive Diversity

In association with Innov8rs, we hosted a breakout session at the 2022 summit.

Learn how you can employ Cognitive Diversity in your organization to drive breakthrough innovation.

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Five ways leading brands use Cognitive Diversity

InnoLead invited us to host a masterclass for corporate innovators. 

Come away with five principles you can start using today, to drive breakthrough innovation in your organization.

We are Sense Worldwide. Breakthrough innovation is what we do.

Innovators need people with different minds to deliver breakthrough outcomes. We collaborate with creative outliers, misfits, rebels and the crazy ones; to understand the future and develop breakthrough strategies. The cognitive diversity of The Sense Network provides leadership, innovation teams and venture studios with the vision and confidence to make creative leaps into the future.

Since 1999, many of the world’s most innovative companies have collaborated with The Sense Network to help them be more innovative.

Sense Worldwide is the trading name of Pure Science Ltd.
Registered office: 17 Gresse Street, London W1T 1QL.
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