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Creativity is your competitive advantage: Why Creative Intelligence is a 21st Century survival skill.

We rely on education systems to prepare us for work that is no longer relevant

In a world where Artificial Intelligence thinks in straight lines better than we do and is taking white-collar jobs, to remain competitive we must develop a uniquely human skill, our Creative Intelligence.

Discover how the five guiding principles of Creative Intelligence can be harnessed to thrive and survive the future of work.

1. Expand your mind
2. Challenge your default
3. Build your creative confidence
4. Seek out diverse perspectives
5. Adopt an experimental mindset

Hosted by Freddie Gibbons (Creative Intelligence Coach & Senior Innovation Consultant), Leila Boushehri (Creative Intelligence Research Lead & Data Scientist), and Gioia Gottini (Creative Intelligence Coach & Head of The Sense Network).

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