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Creative Intelligence Profile

Navigate 2024 with confidence by understanding your unique approach to creativity.

In the era of AI, where everybody has access to the same knowledge, our uniquely human ability to understand, interpret, and act on this information is what will set us apart from those around us. This measure is your Creative Intelligence or "CQ".

Our free Creative Intelligence profile takes less than 10 minutes to complete. It will

  • benchmark you against others around the world,
  • highlight your strengths and areas for improvement,
  • and offer actionable insights for fostering a creative mindset.

Empower yourself and your team with the creativity needed to thrive in an evolving landscape.

Explore the five Creative Intelligence types:

The 5 Creative Intelligence Types

Each type brings a unique perspective to the table.

Understanding where you and your team members fall can improve collaboration, help allocate tasks more effectively, and ensure the right people tackle the right challenges.

Find your competitive advantage:

Creative Intelligence Scores

See how you stack up against the global average.

Your detailed report doesn't just give you a score; it provides context, showing where you excel and where there's room for growth.

Balance is crucial:

Creative Intelligence | Thinking Vs Acting Scale

The Creative Intelligence scale shows how you think and act.

Discover if you're aligned for optimal performance or if there's a gap to bridge that will improve the implementation of your creativity.